You Don't Know Jack
You Don't Know Jack
Air date August 28, 2009
Written by Eric Wallace
Directed by James Head
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"You Don't Know Jack" is the sixteenth episode of the third season of Eureka.


This episode was filled with flash-backs, but maintained a normal plotline. Tess' plan to create a memory archive for Eureka intersects with a 'cleanse' for GD - with disastrous results.


Tess has developed snow globes the town can fill with their own memories that will serve as a time capsule. But then Fargo takes offense to the fact that all the memories of him are his screw-ups and erases them—which also erases the memories of everyone in town with an active snow globe, wit basically is everyone except Carter and Zoe. This is bad news for Allison and Carter, as they are stuck in Section 5 and GD is about to undergo a sonic cleaning that will kill them. Fortunately, Carter left his special beeper at Café Diem and is able to signal to Zoe that they need help. Zoe heads for GD with Tess to stop the sonic cleaning, only for Tess to forget everything before she can do so. A kiss from Carter restores her memory just in time, though, and she's able to stop the sonic cleaning as Allison goes into labor. While Zoe delivers the baby (and discovers a new direction for her studies) with help from Carter, Fargo is able to figure out a way to restore the entire town's memories.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Dr. Bubay: I have this nagging feeling there was something I was supposed to do.


This is a clip show, with a B storyline of Jenna Stark's birth.