Sheriff William Cobb
William Cobb
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Occupation Sheriff, US Army Intelligence Major
Status Alive
Appearances "Pilot"
Performer Maury Chaykin

William Cobb was the previous sheriff of Eureka. He handed his position over to Jack Carter after he lost his leg in a catastrophic accident involving a "Tachyon Accelerator". He was a Major in Army Intelligence.

He seems to be the owner or caretaker of Lojack, the troublesome dog who Jim Taggart is obsessed with trying to catch. Cobb was a favorite of the town and almost everyone liked him, as he was fair and just and he had a very practical way of tackling situations.

Jo Lupo thought of him as a father figure and worked extra hard to seem tough and strong, as she hoped to become the sheriff when he retired. She was initially upset by his choice of Jack Carter, but eventually they grew to have a mutual respect for each other.

Sheriff Cobb was disabled when his leg was removed by ways of the Tachyon Accelerator. Henry Deacon built him an advanced robotic leg, but he retired nonetheless. He was up and about in time to say goodbye to U.S. Marshall Carter, and while he was walking away with Jo they talked briefly about who they had picked and what Jo thought of him. By his recommendation, Carter was brought into Eureka to be sheriff. Cobb was not seen again after the Pilot.


  • While he has never appeared again on the show, several characters have made reference to him.

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