What Goes Around, Comes Around
What Goes Around, Comes Around
Air date September 18, 2009
Written by Jaime Paglia
Directed by Matthew Hastings
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"Have an Ice Day"
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"Founder's Day"
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"What Goes Around, Comes Around" is the eighteenth episode of the third season of Eureka.


Zoe is offered early admission to Harvard. Meanwhile, strange magnetic effects permeate the town, wreaking the traditional widespread havoc.


Memorable QuotesEdit

Jack: Nemesis? Is that real or is that like a super villain from your Fantasy Justice League?
Fargo: Oh it's real, and that is an awesome name.

Jack: So the laws of physics are in peril, my daughter's moving out and the world's coming to an end?

Jo: I say, have the muffin.


The scene when Joe's car becomes magnetic is an homage to Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Zoe Carter was given early admission to Harvard so the actress, Jordan Hinson, could take a role on Kelsey Grammer's sitcom, Hank, but that show was cancelled after five episodes aired (nine were filmed). 

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