Welcome Back, Carter
Welcome Back, Carter
Air date July 10, 2009
Written by Bruce Miller
Directed by Matthew Diamond
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"From Fear to Eternity"
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"Your Face or Mine"
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"Welcome Back, Carter" is the ninth episode of the third season of Eureka.


Carter hunts for a new job, having been forced out by the DoD. Lupo resigns from the police force when she is passed over for the new arrival, Sheriff Andy. Meanwhile, gravity is behaving oddly, and not even his encyclopedic knowledge can keep the new Sheriff out of trouble.


Memorable QuotesEdit

Carter: Vince, can I get a burger?
Vince: A simple meal for a simple man.

Dr. Leonardo: So where are your uniforms?
Carter: Er it's an unofficial visit.
Dr. Leonardo: So is true that you guys got fired?
Jo: He got fired, I, uh, I quit.
Dr. Leonardo: Bummer.

Allison: [translating for Sheriff Andy] I just came to town why would someone want to murder me?
Carter: I would, I mean, if I wanted my job back.
Allison: Me too.
Jo: I wouldn't mind seeing you dead. No offense.

Jo: There's tiny bit of trouble with the traffic light on main street.
Carter: [on the Phone] Well, what's wrong?
Jo: Now it's kinda in main street.

(Sheriff Andy has just been fried by a tensor field)
Sheriff Andy: [moaning] Ouch! I don't think I like this job.