Victor Arlan
Victor Arlan
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Occupation Researcher/Inmate
Status Alive
Appearances "Try, Try Again", Road Less Traveled
Performer Don Thompson

Victor Arlan was in charge of Global Dynamics' Vault - a secure storage area within GD where certain projects (including abandoned ones) were stored. He used to boast that nothing had ever happened to an item under his care.

In truth, Victor had been stealing items for years in order to sell them. Knowing that an upcoming audit would expose the thefts, he decided to use Douglas Fargo as a scapegoat and planted a stolen device on him.

Eventually Sheriff Carter and Deputy Lupo were able to uncover his activities and he was apprehended while trying to flee Global Dynamics.

Victor made a brief appearance in the tie-in novel Road Less Traveled as an inmate at an unnamed prison. Deputy Lupo questioned him in order to learn the names of the people he was using to fence his stolen goods.


1. Victor's last name is not mentioned in the show, but is given in the tie-in novel.