Up in the Air
Up in the Air
Air date August 1, 2011
Written by Kira Snyder
Directed by Alexandra LaRoche
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"Up in the Air" is the fourteenth episode of the fourth season of Eureka.


Jack deals with a bank robbery which may relate to the sudden gravity issues besetting the citizens of Eureka. Meanwhile, Fargo's rivalry with Isaac Parrish is reignited when he learns Holly and Parrish went on a date.


Carter's excitement when told that a bank robbery has happened is turned to disbelief at the bank actually being gone.

Jo heads up the Astraeus training camp.

Henry and his wife continue to work on their relationship.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Carter: (Trying to figure out how to open a safety deposit box) Uhm... Do I have to lick the lock?

Holly: You can if you want but that would be weird.

Carter: You... Someone put her in front of a cartoon!


  • The episode incorporates one of the scenes from the season's opening credits, specifically the scene when many of the buildings and cars start to float up into the air.

References Edit

  • Fargo's Astraeus mission update is done in the style of the recruitment video from Starship Troopers.
    • The way Lupo conducts the boot camp may also be a reference to the film, along with numerous other war movies, including Platoon and An Officer and a Gentleman.

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