Air date August 20, 2010
Written by Eric Wallace
Directed by Joe Morton
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"Stoned" is the seventh episode of the fourth season of Eureka.


Zoe comes home from Harvard for a visit. People start turning to stone, although the reason is a mystery.


Love is in the air as Carter gets fed up with Grant's relentless pursuit of Allison, Zoe conceals her love and Henry courts Grace. But all the emotions may have to be put on simmer when people in town start turning to stone.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Zane: "So, anything else you want to know while I'm in there? Launch codes? Defense plans? TARDIS blueprints?"


When Zane mentions all sorts of things, one of them is TARDIS blueprints, showing that somebody loves Doctor Who show. The last time Doctor Who reference was mention was in "I Do Over" when Zoe mentions Dr, WHO a few times, and Vincent tells Zoe that he loves that show, only to be corrected by Zoe she was talking about the World Health Org.

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