Shower the People
Shower the People
Air date August 21, 2009
Written by Thania St. John
Directed by Stephen Surjik
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"Ship Happens"
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"You Don't Know Jack"
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"Shower the People" is the fifteenth episode of the third season of Eureka.


Jack investigates the deaths of scientists who drowned in less than liquid circumstances. Meanwhile, Allison's baby shower goes very green.


Because the NewKim situation is just plain old weird and Henry feels too connected to her to be effective, they’ve brought in a new doctor to help with the situation. Dr. Manlius (played by Billy Campbell) is the person in charge. He's got a past with Tess (he was her TA and she still has a crush on him) which makes Carter a little uncomfortable, given their recent "date" during the meteor shower. Dr. Manlius is trying to "extract" info from NewKim, but he treats her as a specimen more than a human, which unnerves Henry. Tess tries to gently explain that NewKim is decaying. Dr. Manlius wants to dissolve NewKim in a pool of acid to extract the data from her cells. Henry fights for other alternatives, but eventually relents when NewKim consents and reminds him that he will always have Kim in his heart.

Also in Eureka, Zoe somehow finds herself opening up SARAH for Tess's baby shower and all of the brown-nosing employees have invented fancy gadgets. Such as a baby monitor that allows the mom to feel what the baby is feeling, a diaper that is basically bottomless and eco-friendly self-cleaning bottles. Carter and his ordinary gifts feels inadequate, and he ends up over-indulging in mimosas.

In the murder mystery of the week, GD scientist/baby monitor inventor ends up dead, drowned in an SUV on the highway. Fargo's the new Medical Examinier, since Henry is preoccupied with NewKim. The woman responsible for absorbent baby diapers claims she's not at fault in the death, and later Zoe finds her drowned in the bathroom of the restaurant. Another doctor, obsessed with synthetic water (perfect with no chemicals or PHs), is the next suspect, but she's convinced her water is harmless, drinking a bottle in front of Carter. Then Carter starts urinating frequently and feeling bloated, which makes him think he's going to drown, but it turns out he's just having sympathetic pregnancy symptoms (a result of the baby monitor linking him to Allison). He finds out that there was some radioactive water (a result of the data extraction on NewKim) in a shared steam room, and Tess also got exposed. He performs CPR on her to keep her alive, and then she's rushed to the health facility where Fargo explains that it could take months for her system to flush out the bad fluids, but her organs could die by then. Cheerful! Carter and Fargo get Dr. Manlius and the synthetic-water woman to develop a plan using molecule dispersion, which involves almost drowning Tess to save her. She survives and kisses Carter after inviting him to another meteor shower.

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