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The fourth season of Eureka premiered on July 9, 2010 on the cable network Syfy in the United States and concluded on September 19, 2011, with a Christmas special on December 6, 2011.

Broadcasted episodes Edit

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Founder's Day Founder's Day Writer: Jaime Paglia Director: Matthew Hastings July 9, 2010 #401
The town holds Founder's Day, celebrating the town's sixtieth anniversary, with vintage costumes and all sorts of old-style props. Do some people take it too far?
A New World A New World Writer: Bruce Miller Director: Michael Robison July 16, 2010 #402
When the five time travelers (Sheriff Carter, Deputy Lupo, Dr. Blake, Dr. Deacon, and Dr. Fargo) get back to their Eureka, they find out that the town is everything but "Eureka"-normal. Lupo is no longer a deputy (replaced by the robotic Andy) but the head of GD security, Dr. Blake is the medical director of GD, and Dr. Fargo finds himself being the director of GD. Carter says "yes" when Tess asks him about the "thing", only later realizing that Tess is going to move in with him. They also realize that they no longer have the ability to repair their timeline because the device that returned them to the altered future overloaded and exploded, and must keep quiet and live their new lives for the time being and have Dr. Grant adjust to the 21st Century until they can return him.
All the Rage All the Rage Writer: Kira Snyder Director: Mike Rohl July 23, 2010 #403
Tess is moving in with Carter but Carter is less than excited about it. Dr. Fargo is coping with being the director of Global Dynamics when blind rage infects everyone at Global Dynamics with catastrophic results, and Carter makes a tough choice. Dr. Deacon and Dr. Grant work on the space-time bridge but odd things happen while trying to work on it which may be a result of their forbidden time travel. However, it turns out Grace was simply pranking them.
The Story of O2 The Story of O2 Writer: Eric Tuchman (teleplay) & Jill Blotevogel (story) Director: Colin Ferguson July 30, 2010 #404
The annual race around the moon sees Kevin take an early lead, but is he cheating? Meanwhile, Jack visits Harvard.
Crossing Over Crossing Over Writer: Paula Yoo Director: Michael Robison August 6, 2010 #405
Claudia Donovan visits Eureka as a V.I.P., much to Fargo's delight. Meanwhile, objects are starting to mysteriously appear out of nowhere.
Momstrosity Momstrosity Writer: Terri Hughes Burton & Ron Milbauer Director: Mike Rohl August 13, 2010 #406
Carter takes Fargo and Kevin camping. Dr Grant tags along.
Stoned Stoned Writer: Eric Wallace Director: Joe Morton August 20, 2010 #407
Zoe comes home from Harvard for a visit. People start turning to stone.
The Ex-Files The Ex-Files Writer: Amy Berg Director: Chris Fisher August 27, 2010 #408
The group begin hallucinating people that represent unresolved issues.
I'll Be Seeing You I'll Be Seeing You Writer: Jaime Paglia Director: Michael Robison September 10, 2010 #409
When Carter and Grant become stranded in 1947 again, they must race back in time to save Eureka.
O Little Town... O Little Town... Writer: Eric Tuchman Director: Matthew Hastings December 7, 2010 #410
When some of Eureka's children are unhappy that a heavy snowfall has cancelled their holiday travel plans, Sheriff Carter tells them about another wonderful Christmas when he was stranded in town and learned to appreciate everything around him.
Liftoff Liftoff Writer: Bruce Miller & Jaime Paglia (Story)
Bruce Miller (Teleplay)
Director: Mike Rohl July 11, 2011 #411
An accident in the lab results and Fargo and Zane Donovan to be fired into space in a sixty-year-old rocket with no telemetry or re-entry capability. Meanwhile, ANDY is having relationship trouble with SARAH.
Reprise Reprise Writer: Amy Berg Director: Matthew Hastings July 18, 2011 #412
Carter's duties expand to babysitting Allison's kids after Allison leaves town for a medical conference, and Fargo finds his groove when a certain song is played. Meanwhile, a rocket scientist appears at Café Diem.
Glimpse Glimpse Writer: Ed Fowler Director: Michael Robison July 25, 2011 #413
Scientists compete to be on the Astraeus mission crew for the trip to Titan. Jo and Carter try out contact lenses that predict potential security breaches. At the end, it is shown that the system has flagged Allison's behavior to be a risk.
Up in the Air Up in the Air Writer: Kira Snyder Director: Alexandra LaRoche August 1, 2011 #414
Carter has to investigate a Eureka-style bank robbery. Meanwhile, the selection process for the Astraeus mission goes into the next stage. Allison's behavior becomes increasingly erratic and she experiences major gaps in her memory.
Omega Girls Omega Girls Writer: Eric Wallace & Jaime Paglia Director: Salli Richardson-Whitfield August 8, 2011 #415
Too many aberrations in Allison's – now the newly appointed head of GD – behaviour leads Carter to suspect that something is wrong. With the help of Zane Donovan and Henry Deacon, they hack Allison's medical records, and finds out that someone is controlling her using nano-technology. When confronted, Beverly triggers a town-wide coma and moves her plan into the next phase. Zoe – visiting the town for the weekend – and Jo, who goes to collect her, are unaffected: only they have any chance to stop Beverly now.
Of Mites and Men Of Mites and Men Writer: Terri Hughes Burton & Ron Milbauer Director: Mike Rohl August 15, 2011 #416
Carter has to struggle with indestructible machine-bugs threatening to destroy Global Dynamics. These construction mites have been created in order to build and maintain the Astraeus FTL spaceship on the mission to Titan. Unfortunately The experiments in FTL communication has led to a malfunction in the mites, that makes it impossible to control them or shut them down, so they relentlessly pursue their primary function, which is to construct ship part.
Clash of the Titans Clash of the Titans Writer: Eric Tuchman & Paula Yoo Director: Michael Robison August 22, 2011 #417
Tiny, the Titan rover, is returned to GD after exploring Titan, and bringing samples of the atmosphere, surface etc. However when the compression shield is dropped, Tiny explodes, scattering the samples all over the area. Subsequently, the Eureka atmosphere becomes toxic and the primary toxins are discovered to be methane, ethane and nitrogen, which were all in the samples that Tiny brought home. At the same time, Allison and Carter's relationship is being scrutinized by a Department of Defense auditor, in order to assess whether it constitutes a potential threat to GD.
This One Time at Space Camp... This One Time at Space Camp... Writer: Amy Berg Director: Andrew Seklir August 29, 2011 #418
The Astraeus candidates go through their final interviews while Carter and Allison appeal their relationship audit.
One Small Step... One Small Step... Writer: Bruce Miller Director: Michael Robison September 12, 2011 #419
When the FTL drive in GD accidentally activates, sending Andy to Titan, the GD crew must race against time to save him before he is permanently destroyed by the freezing, corrosive atmosphere.
One Giant Leap... One Giant Leap... Writer: Jaime Paglia Director: Matthew Hastings September 19, 2011 #420
With five hours before the Astreaus launch to Titan, Carter asks Allison to move in with him, which she later accepts. The countdown to the launch continues. However once Allison fills all the stasis pods with the ship's crew, mission control finds that somebody has hacked into the network, speeding the timer and redirecting the ship's destination. With Allison trapped inside, and a high probability the take off force will kill her, Carter breaks the coolant pipes to the engine, overheating it with the hopes of aborting take-off; he fails and the ship takes off.
Seewhat Do You See What I See Writer: Amy Berg & Eric Tuchman Director: Matthew Hastings December 6, 2011 #421
(This is a holiday special, and takes place outside the main story.) Crashing over Eureka, a wave of color changes the town to animation of multiple styles and cartoonish effects, including Jack's jeep coming alive, Andy being turned into a cartoonish robot, and Jo becoming a princess. All this caused by the Super Photon Generator, a massive holographic matrix meant as Jack's Christmas gift for the kids (with help from Fargo). It turns out that the gift the kids opened crossed signals with the Super Photon Generator. As the episode goes on, with the main characters aware of the changing animations, the kids add villainous Snow Ninjas to spice up the story. As Jack, Andy, Allison, and Jo make it to the generator, they see Dr. Drummer- a scientist from the last holiday special- trying to fix the generator; but as he is, the snow ninjas join to create a 50 foot snow monster. As the others fight the Snow Ninja Monster, Allison, Andy, and Dr. Drummer finally repair the generator, returning everyone to normal perspective. At the end of the episode, everyone gets together for a Christmas dinner at the smart house.

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