Air date July 18, 2011
Written by Amy Berg
Directed by Matthew Hastings
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"Reprise" is the twelfth episode of the fourth season of Eureka.


Carter's duties expand to babysitting Allison's kids after she leaves town for a medical conference. Meanwhile, a new (literal) rocket scientist appears at Café Diem, along with her MP3 player full of her music. As Fargo rocks out to his office to "Eye of the Tiger", and Henry and Grace listen to 80's music, strange things begin to happen, and Kevin stealing Carter's car twice is just the beginning. Suddenly rockslides slow down and time almost freezes. What's worse is that Jo shoots him! At the end Eureka is saved once again, this time by Kevin.

While all of this is happening, Allison never makes it to her medical conference. She helps a young girl find her father who had driven off the road. He wandered off and so Allison uses a GPS that tracks DNA so they find the girl's father. Although everyone is fine in the end, Allison hits her head on a rock as she slides down the side of the road to reach the car. When she gets home, she has a huge headache and what really happened becomes clear.


Carter's duties expand to babysitting when Allison attends a medical conference, and Fargo finds his groove when a certain song is played. Meanwhile, a rocket scientist appears at Café Diem.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Larry: (reading Fargo's appointments to him) Nine A.M. with Dr. Parrish.
Fargo: Parrish! (waving his hands and making a face) Reschedule!
Larry: What would you like the reason to be?
Fargo: Uh, how 'bout cuz I hate his stupid face and I can't stand his whining?
Larry: (using his computer) Right. Message sent. (his computer makes a sound effect for sending a message)


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