Transcript for Pilot


Unknown female voice: Walter? Walter, sweetie. Come to bed, it's after midnight.


WALTER: Be right there.


WALTER:Five more minutes.

Voice:You need your sleep. You know how you get.

Walter:Another five minutes.

Voice:Well, I'll be asleep. And don't even think of trying anything when you get up here. That ship has sailed.

WALTER: Alright. Bingo. Susan? Susan. I think it worked.

Act 1Edit

A car moves along an empty stretch of road ZOE:I told you we should have made a left back there.

Carter:Don't make me use pepper spray.

ZOE:Are all cops this angry? This isn't angry.

CARTER:I was angry at the truck stop when you told the waitress that I touched you funny. We're way past angry.

ZOE:Would it kill 'em to post a road sign once in a while? Will you remind me again why we're not on a plane right now? Oh, that's right. The big, bad marshal's afraid to fly.

CARTER:You don't wanna push me right now.

ZOE:Look, I'm just saying that if we would've made a left back there Don't say anything. Fine. CARTER:It's just funny and all Seriously, I'll pay you.

ZOE: I mean, you track me across three states, you find me in a city of, like, half a million people and then you get us lost on the way back.

I mean, you gotta appreciate the irony. Or not. CARTER: We're not lost. We're just taking the scenic route.

ZOE:Yeah, well, the scene sucks. Whoa! Where did that guy come from? Hey, high beams, moron! Was that I mean, did you just see What? Us.

CARTER:I'm really not in the mood.

ZOE:We just passed our car with us inside.

CARTER:And I thought I was sleep deprived.

ZOE:I'm totally serious!

CARTER:So am I, so just take a nap or something so I can concentrate. Listen.

Zoe: Dog.

CARTER:No, you listen, homegirl.

No! Dog! You okay? You call this protective custody? You're okay. Wait, where are you going? To check the damage. And what if you don't make it back? I'll be stuck in here like those guys in the plane who had to eat each other. You're right. I know! Here. Here's some ketchup. Start at your feet, work your way up. Karma's a bitch, huh? For the last time, there is no "other us. " I know what I saw! What you think you saw. Look, it was an honest-to-God paranormal encounter. You are an honest-to-God paranormal encounter. Does that sense of humor come with the badge? Civilization at last, huh? By whose definition? Come on. Hey, kid! Hey. Hey, you got a sheriff here in town? I'm not supposed to talk to strangers. Oh, give me a break. You're absolutely right. And under normal circumstances, that's a great policy, but as it happens, I'm one of the good guys. What grade are you in? Eleventh. See that guy picking up rocks? Yeah? Walk two blocks past him. Turn left at the stand of deciduous trees. It'll be 60 meters past the park. Great. "Deciduous"? It means they shed their leaves once a year. Thanks, Einstein, I knew that. I'm an Oppenheimer. The Einsteins live on 4th. Well, thanks! What a freak. Shut up. Watch it! Can I help you? Yeah, me and Is that coffee? Excuse me? Well, sorry, we've just been up all night, and I could really use a fix. Does this look like Starbucks? Sorry, Deputy Lupo. Right. Maybe we got off on the wrong foot. I'm Jack Carter. I work for Gun! Move and you'll spend the rest of your days sucking meals through a straw! I'm a U. S. Marshal! Right. Check my coat pocket! Hmm. Imagine that. Should have said something. Before or after you stood on my neck? Where's Zoe? What's a Zoe? Did somebody lose this? She says her name is Shania. "Shania"? What? He's a U. S. Marshal. Really? We don't get many of those here. Of course, we don't get many of anybody around here! Bill Cobb, County Sheriff. Jack Carter. I see that you've become acquainted with my deputy. Intimately. Yeah. Coffee? Okay. So what can we do for you, Marshal? Well, I was transporting this one to LA when we had a little bit of an accident. Is that right? Are you all right? Yeah, we ran into a Ourselves. You ran into yourselves? Off the road. We ran ourselves off the road trying to avoid a dog. Oh, yeah, he's a local hazard. So how can I help you? What can I do for you now? Actually, I was hoping that you could hang onto the kid while I went and dealt with the car. Well, I don't see why not. Jo? You cannot be serious! You just gonna lock me up here? Yeah. Have you seen Deliverance? I'm guessing you guys don't get AAA out here? No, we have Henry. Jo, give Henry a call. Have him bring the tow truck around. Let's get the Marshal on his way as quickly as possible. Right. Spencer! I'm coming! Spencer, can you grab that? "Answer the phone, Spencer!" "Close the window, Spencer!" There's no answer. Hmm. Here goes nothing. Yeah. Yeah. Yes, yes, yes! "Refill the liquid nitrogen, Spencer. " Henry! No! No! Now he'll answer. Yeah! Spencer! Spence! Hey, Spencer. You okay? You all right? Hello? Henry, Lupo. Bring the truck. Yeah, Jo, yeah, sure. Yeah, I'm on my way. And what was that explosion? What explosion? I didn't hear anything. He says he didn't hear anything. He never does. We'll get it off the ground next time, you'll see. Hey, hey, Walter! Susan! Morning, Henry! Give it another go, did we? Oh, almost, almost. Almost got it this time. Where are you all off to? We're just getting away for the weekend. You know, a little quality time with the family. We'll be back, though. Okay, then. Hey, hey, Brian! Come on, give me some. All right! You know what, man? I don't know who's growing faster, you or that pup. Who wants treats for the road? I do! Take care, Henry. Yeah, you, too. Nice. You said treats. Am I being punished? Not yet, now scoot. Walter? Walter? Huh? Everything okay? Oh, yeah. Sure, I I've just been working too hard. It always puts Susan a little on edge. You know, you're not alone. Lots of families go through this. Maybe you should talk with Beverly No. Thank you, but everything's under control. We'll see you. BRIAN: Come on, boy. Just wait in the motor home, honey. Nice. Henry knows something's wrong. Well, maybe we should just reconsider, tell them what happened. I'm sure they'll understand. No, it's too late for that. But you said yourself, we will never have another opportunity like this. I know. But you gotta trust me, Susan. This isn't just about us. Not anymore. Act normal. I am acting normal. Then go shopping. Go shopping. Buy something. Wow, cool! Okay, kiddo, where to first? Museum of Theoretical Physics or that new super collider in Oh, dear God. Oh, no. No. Honey? Brian? Brian! Brian! Oh, no! Brian! Brian! Brian! Oh, nice landing. Thanks. How'd you get out? Carefully. And right about there should do it. Let's take a look. So, you're a U. S. Marshal? Yup. Must be exciting work. Not at the moment. I just was never completely clear as to what you fellows do. It varies. Protect federal witnesses, bring back escaped felons, transport prisoners. So that little girl, she'd be a Oh. How long you been in the tow business? I don't do this for a living, I do this for fun. I just always liked fixing things. I was an engineer back in the day. As in trains? Space shuttles. So, I can fix it. It's just gonna take me a few days. No, no, no, I gotta be back in LA tomorrow. Bright side, it'll give you some time to take in the sights. Perfect. Are you sure you counted right? Okay, I'll be right over. That was Ned Carver. He claims aliens abducted some of his cattle again, so Tell him to call me when they move on to anal probes. Wait, that didn't come out right. Happening little burg you have here. Yeah, well, we have our days. Hey, Gl Josefina. What's with all the firepower? Hot date? That's one. What, like that's supposed to scare me or something? That's two. Lupo. She must like you. I've never seen her get as high as two before. What? When? Oh, okay. Just keep everybody there, we're on our way. Whoa, what? There's a situation at Henry's station. How bad? It's Henry's station. I got your gun. No guns. Susan. It's a small one. No. We're gonna find him, okay? You two need each other now. You just stay with each other. All right, what I would like to do is organize you into three groups. Everyone see the tree line? You guys see the tree line? It's right over there. What we're gonna do is we're gonna sweep towards the tree line. Okay, thank you! Let's go, people! Here comes the cavalry. Great, that's all I need. Hey, Sheriff, what's going on? There's a boy missing. Is he lost or was he kidnapped? We don't know. We don't know at this point. Okay, call Highway Patrol. What you're gonna want are roadblocks on all the major arteries, and Hold that. and put Search and Rescue guys to comb the Your jacket's on the ground. We've all seen The Fugitive, Marshal. How about you let us take care of this? I don't wanna step on any toes, sir, but I do have a lot of experience at this kind of thing. Trust me, you don't. Henry? Yeah, one minute. Okay. Wow. Huh. Looking for something? You know you're disturbing an active crime scene? Well, actually, I'm investigating an active crime scene. Jack Carter, U. S. Marshal. Allison Blake, Department of Defense. Hmm. I didn't see that coming. Well, now that we're done with the introductions, Mr. Carter Well, actually, it's Marshal Carter, but you can call me Jack. Hey, I don't like to repeat myself. Yet something tells me you're going to. Wow, you see, I've seen some strange stuff. This is why the D. O. D. is out here in the middle of nowhere? I'm not at liberty to say. Come on, Miss Blake, we're on the same team. That's Agent Blake, Marshal, and we're not even in the same league. This is way out of your jurisdiction. Actually, I'm a U. S. Marshal, so technically, the United States is my jurisdiction. Careful, though, wouldn't want you disturbing an active crime scene. Look Brian. The missing boy? Yeah. Hey. It's okay. What are you doing? Relax, it's not blood. Then what? Chocolate. Hershey's Big Block with almonds. How could you possibly know that? Believe it or not, I have done this before. But there's one small detail I usually like to ascertain before launching a full-scale manhunt for a missing person. And that would be? That there is, in fact, a person missing. Hi, Brian. Brian. Brian? Brian! Brian! Were you hiding in the RV the whole time? Yes. Everybody missed it. Not everybody. I guess he's smarter than he looks. I'm gonna let Jo handle it. No, no, I'll handle him. I No, Jo. She's perfect. I need you to stay focused on finding what caused this. No, Jo! Jo! Sheriff. Sheriff, please. It looks like you really stepped in it, Marshal. It wouldn't be the first time. I suppose I should thank you. How about you tell me what's going on here instead? Sorry, Marshal, but Yeah. Yeah, I know, you're not at liberty to say. Oh, hey, Marshal? One, oh, I don't know, maybe two days. Three days, max. You may be here a while. I'm getting that impression. Come on, I have a place you can stay. Really? I'll drive. Yeah, no, you can turn around. Yeah. Taggart, go home. We found Brian. Sheriff? Yeah? That's not all we found. Better come take a look. It's supposed to be my day off. Yeah, well, I owe you one. Yes, you do. Hey, Taggart. Watch your step. So what do we got? I was hoping you could tell me. Careful. Poison ivy. It's over here. Oh, my God. Looks like the boy's dog in the back of the RV. And this is just the beginning. Well, this is it. What? Nothing. You didn't think that I was taking you to my place. No! Because I'll tell you right now, this isn't Madison County, and you're definitely not Clint Eastwood. Well, yeah! He's twice my age. You can get out now. Yeah. You know, Agent Blake, just because you've dropped the subject, doesn't mean that I have. Marshal, whatever you think is going on with us, trust me, it's not. I was talking about the RV. I knew that. Hello? Hello? Anybody here? You must be the Marshal. That was fast. Small town, big mouths. I'm Beverly Barlowe. Jack Carter. The helicopter there, was that Sorry, some of my clients require a certain level of discretion. Clients? Guests. Yes. Well, you look exhausted. Let's get you settled in. Thank you. Here we go, nice and cozy. Will your wife be joining you? My wife? Oh, not likely. We're separated. Was it the sex? Excuse me? Well, it's a common problem in long-term relationships. People get bored, they want to experiment sexually, and they don't know how to express their needs. Well, not that sharing my sex life with a total stranger doesn't sound like loads of fun, at the moment, my needs are a nap and a shower. You're the guest. Pleasant dreams, Jack Carter. Is that Nanuk, their dog? Okay, what do you got? Inventory confirms it. One of the Sentex chips is definitely missing. From Section Five? That's not possible, the security cameras would have Not if they were disabled. Some kind of electromagnetic disruption corrupted the entire system. Whoever did this knew what they were doing. Okay, well, who has access to that area? Besides yourself? Yeah, besides myself, Fargo. Only people with S- Five clearance. Not that I meant Okay, look, I want you to make a list. I want this handled quickly and quietly. Shouldn't we tell someone? What if it falls into the wrong hands? What if this wasn't an accident? Just handle it. Handle what, Mr. King? The audit. We should get started right away. If a project at the facility was responsible Well, how long is that gonna take? A few days, maybe a week. That's too long. Well, you have a better idea, Sheriff? Yes, I do. We cease all operations until we figure this thing out. No, not with the Appropriations Committee breathing down my neck. It's review time, careers are on the line. Whose career are you worried about? Careful, Sheriff, you're not the only one with influence around here. I don't want this getting out of hand. Oh, no, it won't. Not as long as everyone stays calm, does their job. If something at the facility is responsible for this, I need everyone where they belong, working to isolate the problem. Don't walk away from Yeah, you got 24 hours. Oh, crap! Where are my clothes? Miss Barlowe? Miss Barlowe? Miss Barlowe! Doing a little undercover work? Someone took my clothes. Oh, they were a little ripe. I hope you don't mind. Oh, sorry. Thanks. Excuse me. Oh, sure. Henry called while you were sleeping. Yeah? Yeah, he said it's gonna take longer than he thought. Something about sending out for parts. Oh, yeah. Well I need to know where I can get a car in town. You can take mine. But just be sure to have it back before dark. Thank you. You're welcome. Have a great day. Thanks. A solar car? "Before dark. " Got it. Pretty impressive, Jo. It's Deputy Lupo. Where'd you learn to do that, anyway? U. S. Army. Special Forces. Well, that explains some things. What things? Nothing. None of my business. You got something to say, say it. Okay. It's just the whole tough girl image. I mean, it's fine and everything, but some guys might find it intimidating. Oh, unless of course you're into chicks, then that's fine, too. Stop talking. What the hell? KEVIN: Archimedes. Excuse me? Greek mathematician. Discovered hydrostatics. "Eureka!" Get it? Not really. No. When's your birthday? May 13, 1969. Why? Five, 13, '69. You're a Tuesday. I'm 11, 18, '97. That's a Tuesday, too. Good to know. Morning. You are in big trouble! Just wait until the judge hears that you kept a minor locked up all night. Yeah, here. File a complaint. Deputy, where's the Sheriff? Can't you see I'm busy? Honestly? You wanna know where the Sheriff is? He's out on police business. Which is where I should be, instead of babysitting Felon Spice here. Hey! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna stop doing your job and start doing mine. Something I said? No, I guess you just have that effect on women. Oh, what is that supposed to mean? Forget it. No, really. I would love to get some sage advice from a teenager caught impersonating a flight attendant. Oh, please. How hard is it to do this? Seriously, you can't keep doing this. You can't keep running away from your mother. Why not? You did. Zoe. No, your mom and I, we tried. It's just, some people just don't work. "Don't work"? Dad, all you do is work. Zoe, that's Do you need anything? Not from you. Okay. Stellar job. Father of the Year. Mother! Find a crosswalk! All right, let's see what you people are hiding. Okay, this is the creepiest thing I've This is not good. Morning, sunshine! Where am I? What's going on? Afraid I can't say, mate. Well, where are you taking me? Can't say that either. Look, whoever you are Call me Taggart. Taggart. Not sure if you realize this, but you've just assaulted and kidnapped a Federal Marshal. Yeah, sorry about that. Just doing my job. Your job? What kind of job? Oh, "Can't say. " What is wrong with you? Lowjack. Whoa, whoa I got you this time. Hang on, you're a dogcatcher? Biological containment specialist. Hey! Are you insane? You sneaky little bastard. You just shot that guy! With a non-addictive Phenothiazine derivative. Perfectly harmless. It's just a dog, for crying out loud. Now you listen to me, friend. I've tracked polar bear across the Arctic tundra, dived with great whites off the Barrier Reef, hunted with the prides of the Serengeti, but none of it even begins to compare with what that animal's put me through. It's not just a dog, Marshal. It's the devil himself. Oh, yeah, he's stable. You gotta be kidding me! No, he's totally wrong for you. You think? Yeah. Oh! "Confident law enforcement professional seeks same. " Hello? I don't know if you noticed, but Johnny Laws tend to be self-centered control freaks. Where's Cobb? I wanna know what's going on, I wanna know now! See what I mean? Is there a problem, Marshal? I don't know. You tell me. I mean, one minute I'm driving my delinquent daughter back to Los Angeles, and the next I'm in the middle of the freaking Twilight Zone! Why don't you just calm down? No, don't tell me to calm down! I've had it with you people, and I've had it with your crazy town! Now you start talking, or I'll have I'm afraid I can't allow that. Really? And just how do you plan on stopping me? Hey, Lowjack. If you're hungry, there's plenty of leftovers in the fridge. Pudding, you got some cheese, you got some sauerkraut, but don't touch my sandwich! Don't touch it. That's my sandwich. Go ahead. Hi, Allison. We have a problem with the Marshal. We should talk. I'm on my way. Something's happening. What's happening? I don't know. It's not good. Sheriff! Sheriff! It's really not good. Oh, no, no, no! No! Son of a bitch! No! Stop! No! Help! Help! Help! Sheriff? Sheriff? Oh, my God. Sheriff? He's got experience. So what? The way I see it, we have two options. We can get rid of him, or use him. I know my preference. He wrecked my cage. He found the kid. We would have found him eventually. Smashed it to pieces. Without Cobb, we are gonna He'll pull through. He has to. Built that cage with my own two hands. You'll build a new one. Yeah, but not as good. Jo, the guy's obviously good at what he does. And right now, we need every resource at our disposal. I still think it's a bad idea. Marshal, come on, let's go for a ride. So, back there, when you said, "Get rid of him," was that like, you know, "Buy him a bus ticket, get rid of him," like, you know First things first. Standard non-disclosure agreement. It says that you will be charged with treason if you tell anyone what you see here. A lot of people would like to get their hands on what I'm about to show you. Sign it. Where are you taking me, Area 51? Please. They wish they had our security. Slow down. What are you doing? Ma'am. What in the You're all clear. I think I'm blind. Relax. That almost never happens. Oh! Oh, man, what did I just sign? Welcome to Eureka. It started during World War ll, when Einstein realized that our future was in the hands of scientists, not soldiers. Wait, Einstein? Like the Einstein? He convinced President Truman to create a haven where the world's greatest thinkers could live and work. And since then, most of our major scientific breakthroughs have happened right here in Eureka. Hold on. Put that on, please. Whoa. So where do you fit in, in all this? I mean, no offense, but you don't strike me as the science type. I'm the government liaison. It's my job to make sure the research being done here is Profitable. I was gonna say productive, but building a better tomorrow doesn't come cheap. Guess that explains Fort Knox. Section Five restricted to military projects only. Military? You mean weapons? Couldn't say. You need NSA clearance to enter. Well, so much for building a better tomorrow. Life is full of compromises, Marshal. The tradeoff is that Eureka has the best of everything. School, housing, health care. I hope with an emphasis on the latter, after what I've seen. There are always risks. You've had problems before. Occasionally. Like? Global warming. I'd like you to meet one of our top scientists. Simulation off! Fargo, this is not Level Six! Actually, that's Level Four. You mastered that last week. I could recalibrate the system if it's too advanced for you. No. It's fine. Did you need something? Allison Blake's on her way up. Sheriff Cobb was injured. Really? Better put on my sad face. Hey, hey, hey! Easy, easy. It's not a toy. You could put somebody's eye out. There's also a visitor, a U. S. Marshal. In Eureka? Maybe there's a dangerous fugitive on the loose. Wouldn't that be exciting? Don't be ridiculous. I know, what was I thinking? But then again, why else would he be here? What's all this for? Professor King is trying to locate the Point of Origin. Origin of what? Everything. Life, the universe. It all had to start somewhere. Precisely where is what I intend to find out. Professor Warren King, Marshal Jack Carter. Oh. Professor King is a Nobel laureate and noted astrophysicist. Wow, well, I'm captain of my division softball team. It sounded better in my head. I see what you mean. Allison, how's the Sheriff doing? He's still in surgery. But the Marshal has agreed to help us during his absence. The Marshal? Oh, how generous. Well, you must find all of this a bit shocking. Well, I'm from LA. Nothing shocks me. I see. Well, almost nothing. Well, perhaps we should just jump right in. Right. It's right this way. We carbon-dated the trees in and around the event perimeter. They range in age from 12 to 1,200 years old. I take it that's not normal. What about that sounds normal? Rapid aging like that can only be caused by some sort of quantum anomaly. And then there's the temporal bilocation of the RV I'm sorry, come again? Temporal bilocation. Fargo! Somehow, the back half of the RV became momentarily isolated from the front. It's caught in a different time stream. Where it ended up was a direct result of the earth rotating beneath it during stasis. How is that possible? Well, it's a good question. We're auditing all active projects, but so far, none of them seem related. Including yours? Hold on! That's all right, Allison, Marshal's just being thorough. No, my research involves using advanced pattern recognition software to trace cosmological events. So, unless you're afraid of a little math And what about Section Five? Surely you have more than math locked up in there. Details concerning S - Five labs are all strictly classified, but as far as I know, nothing in there could have caused this. As far as you know? No offense, but isn't it your job to know? Oh. Pushy. We should get back to work. Allison, keep me posted on the Sheriff's progress. We're all pulling for him. Well, that wasn't at all awkward. You want me to help, this is me helping. Just lay off of Warren, okay? He's not one of your escaped felons. "Warren," huh? Sounds like someone has a crush on the teacher. Really gotta start wearing my seat belt. Are you questioning my professionalism? It was a joke, but I forgot the D. O. D. doesn't have a sense of humor. Well, maybe you're just not funny. Look, I'm still trying to wrap my brain around all this. I don't know squat about quantum physics, and to be perfectly honest, I'm not sure whether I can help you or not! But if you want me to try, then I'm gonna have to do my job my way. And for the record, I'm all kinds of funny. Can I have my gun? Thank you. Oh, son of a Stop the car. Stop the car! Don't wait for me. What you reading? Popular Science. It's all they have Crap. What are you doing out of your cell? I'm getting takeout for me and Jo. Turns out we have a lot in common. Like what? Like fighting an oppressive patriarchal society to express our feminine power. Are you hungry? Vincent can make anything you want. They don't even have menus here. Marshal, you name it, I got it. Yeah, what the hell, surprise me. VINCENT: One Chef's Special, coming up. So, where have you been all afternoon? Yeah, about that. We should talk. Okay, please, just give me the bad news. What does that mean? Well, the last time you wanted to talk, you told me you were moving out. No, no, and the time before that, you said that Grandma had died. Do you see the pattern here? No, it's nothing like that. Okay, yeah, it's something like that. The Sheriff got injured, and we're gonna be here for a while. What? Nothing. Just go investigate something. They need my help. I can't walk away from that. Since when? That's one Fugu-sashi, one cheeseburger, and a side order of salt-crusted yams and shaved white truffles to go. Tell Jo if she wants to trip me up, she'll have to do better than that. Thanks, Vin. Well, I guess I'll see you when I see you. Wait, wait, wait. Wait, Zoe, look, why don't you come with me to Beverly's? I'll get you a room. Touched. Pass. Zoe! I'll be done as soon as I can. You used to say the same thing to Mom. I guess she finally got tired of waiting. Don't So, Marshal. You're investigating this thing, right? I heard Ned Carver's cows got sliced and diced just like Walter's motor home. Yeah, maybe it'd be best not to spread that around. Trust me, around here, it's business as usual. In fact, we've got a pool going on what's gonna get hit next. Pot's up to about a grand if you're interested. Yeah, look, I'm gonna have to take a rain check on what I ordered. What do I owe you? On the house. Of course, if you have the inside scoop on where things might be headed Right now I'm more concerned with where things started. Can I borrow this? Yeah. Hey, little man, is Archimedes, right? ALLISON: Honey, who is it? Five, 13, '69. Tuesday. Okay, sweetie, go back inside. Marshal? What's going on? He's a nice kid. We chatted in the park earlier today. Are you trying to be funny? No. My son has autism, he barely speaks to the people that he knows. I'm sorry, I didn't realize I'm sorry. It's been a long day. I think I have a lead. But, as much as I hate to admit it, I'm gonna have to run it by your professor friend. You called me here to look at a map? What are those? These are the rough locations of every reported anomaly. I'm well aware of Vincent's tacky little pool, Marshal. Well, what are We're gonna start placing bets now, is that your idea? No. Your pattern recognition software traces cosmic events to the point of origin, correct? What if the events are a little more local? ALLISON: Could that actually work? Yeah, in theory it could. It'd take a major recalculation, though. Well, what's the matter, Warren, are you afraid of a little math? No, I'm not afraid of a little math. It can't hurt to try, though, right? It's a little simple, but, okay, this'll take a little while. May I drop you someplace, Marshal? No, I'll walk. I could use the fresh air. Right. See you, Archimedes. Marshal? Yeah? Thanks. Yeah. Something wrong? No, nothing. Okay. VINCENT: Just a second, I just gotta take out the trash. Oh, no. Look out! Go, go, go! Let's go, let's go, come on, let's go! Come on, come on, come on! Go, go, go! Charlie! Drop the damn rocks, let's go! I just got off an 18 hour flight from Indonesia, so before you speak, consider the impact this call will have on your career if it's not of monumental importance. It's Eureka, sir. We've got a priority one situation. Wake up the Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee. Gather everybody in the sit room. Tell them the topic of discussion will be "I told you so. " Oh, man! The car. Breathe, Walter. Okay, now what happened? I got myself involved in something. What do you mean? I The annual review is coming up next month, and I told you that I was struggling to make my deadline. Yes, I know it was causing some tension with you and Susan. They said they could help me. Slow down. Who is "they"? I don't know. I've never seen them. And they did help me. But now everything's falling apart. Who's that? Marshal? I saw a light on. Hey, it's Walter, right? How's the family doing? Fine. And they're probably waiting for me. So Walter, we will talk tomorrow, okay? Sure. Okay. Everything okay? Emergency session. Normally, I try to keep my evenings free, but as you're discovering, this town is anything but normal. Like your little bed-and-breakfast. We all have our roles to play. Now, I don't know about you, but I could really use a drink. Why don't you make yourself comfortable? So how's his son doing? He'll be fine. Kids are resilient. It's the adults I worry about, especially around here. If I was stuck in this cracker farm, I'd probably need a shrink, too. Who says you don't? And I prefer "psychotherapist. " Well, maintaining relationships is tough in your line of work. It helps to have someone to talk to. Do what I do, the job comes first. I imagine your wife might disagree. She knew what she was getting herself into. Still, the time away, the distance. It must take its toll on you, too. Especially with a child involved. I tried a desk job when Zoe was born. Change to make others happy, you end up making yourself miserable. That's exactly what I told Abbey. But she felt you were choosing your job over them. Yeah, and I told her it's not that simple. I mean, it's not just a job. I stop bad people from doing bad things. Well, I'm sure that's a tremendous comfort when you go home at night alone. So, you don't pull punches. I've counseled some prominent people, Marshal. Diplomats, dignitaries, even a few presidents. I knew that was him. They don't pay me to pull punches. They want honesty. Easy, Marshal, it's us. Where's Beverly? Is she okay? Aside from a bruised ego. I've never had a man fall asleep on me before. Well, it's time to wake up. What happened? Things have gotten worse. The diner. We had our first fatality. I was just there with my daughter. She's fine. Okay. And what about King? Any luck? That's the good news. He may have found a point of origin. Where? Come with me, I'll show you. So, you and Beverly Barlowe. We were just talking. That why there's lipstick on your collar? I knew that. Right. Oh, thank God, I was just trying to call you. Please, please. Come in. What's wrong? It's Walter. He's just He hasn't been himself, he is so stressed out, and then after nearly losing Brian in that thing with the motor home Susan, Susan, calm down. Where's Walter? Okay, he came home late, very late last night, and then just locked himself in the basement. Something went wrong with his experiment, and I think he's been trying to fix it. You should stay up here with me. Walter? Sweetie? You need to come out now, the police are here. Walter! You gotta be kidding me. All right, let's see if Mrs. Perkins has the code. Susan! Doesn't anyone do anything halfway around here? Hey, Jo, any luck on that code? Nope. But I found a key. Oh. Dr. Perkins, it's Deputy Lupo. If you can hear me, back away from the door. Maybe this isn't the best way to do that. Ladies first. I think we found our point of origin. That's not all we found. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Let's not shoot the crazy-end-of-the-world machine just yet, okay? Whoa! Go! Go, go, go! Somebody order an invasion? All right, listen up! I want those seals checked and rechecked. This is a Class Three Hot Zone till I say otherwise. Colonel Briggs. First Rangers, Fort Bragg. Hello, Jo. You wanna help? Yes, sir. Lieutenant! LIEUTENANT: Yes, sir! Congratulations, Miss Blake. Looks like you people finally screwed the pooch but good. Colonel Briggs, what do you think you're doing? Something I should've done the last time one of your little science projects got out of hand. Eureka is under D. O. D. jurisdiction. Was under D. O. D. jurisdiction. Now it's a matter of national security, which means you answer to me. Okay, let's move that machine out of here! Idiot. So you two are close, then? You know, the boyish charm act works better when you're showered and shaved. Yeah, it's on my to-do list. So, where they taking that thing? Where else? Will somebody please explain to me what we're dealing with here? From what we can gather, it's a prototype tachyon accelerator. In English, Professor. I'll speak slowly for your benefit, Colonel. A tachyon is a hypothetical particle that travels faster than the speed of light. Okay. No, that's not okay. Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, or the whole concept of linear time becomes meaningless. If Walter Perkins created some sort of tachyon collision, then time, as we know it, ceases to exist, and the laws of physics break down at the most fundamental level. And if we don't stop this, no one will be safe. Now this is why I hate this town. Well, hang on, how could Walter Perkins have even built this without anyone knowing? He had to break some major protocols. I mean, this is a stolen Sentex prototype, strictly next-gen military hardware. So the question is, could Walter have built this on his own? And where would he get ahold of something like this? Section Five? Well, I don't see how that's possible. But I guarantee you, there'll be a thorough inquiry. You can count on it. BRIGGS: All right, I've heard enough. Now listen up. My orders are to contain this area, so anyone here stays here till we figure this out. This is Briggs. Start taking people down to the bunkers, women and children first. Zoe. Hey, Jo, this apricot bath scrub, it's killer. Where'd you get it? Jo? Jo, you there? All civilians proceed to emergency shelters. Do not panic. Proceed in an orderly fashion to the nearest shelter. Come on, this way, Brian. Clear the streets, Sergeant, clear the streets now. Get out of my way. I have my orders, sir. No one leaves. I'm going to get my daughter. I wouldn't do that, Marshal. Tell your grunt he's got two seconds before I make him eat that rifle. That grunt is a Force Recon Commando who can kill you a hundred different ways with his bare hands. The rifle's just his way of being polite. She's my daughter! I don't care! Stand at ease, Bud. I hate to interrupt, but we have bigger issues at hand. Time is unraveling. The laws of physics are breaking down. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but that's the kind of thing that's not gonna stop at the city limits, is it? A rift of this magnitude will continue to grow exponentially, unless Henry, is it possible Walter was trying to create another collision when his machine blew? Right, theoretically, the two events would cancel each other out. I mean, it's sort of like starting a backfire in a brush blaze. Right, so if we can get this one up and running again I've got some Grade A hardware in the garage. I mean, not like what Walter was using, but it should do the trick. Except for one small problem. Part of his formula was lost in the blast. I mean, without it, the accelerator's useless. Are you telling me in this town full of supergeeks, you can't find one person who can do a simple math problem? It's not that simple. Walter was our top quantum physicist. Now, he could have worked on this for months. Oh, my What? Years. I don't know. I could swear I've seen this before. Even if we put our top people on it, excuse me, it's not gonna be a walk in the park. BRIGGS: I understand that. I need to borrow your car keys. Okay, what are you thinking? Trust me. Do I have any choice? Hey, watch yourself. Okay, right. Jo, I need to get out of here. Do you think you can take him? Please. He's Force Recon. Hey, soldier boy. U. S. Marshal. Go ahead, sir. Just don't do what they say. No information. I'm not sure Dad! Honey. You okay? Yeah. What the hell's going on? There's this machine and a missing formula, a lot of science stuff I can't explain. What are we gonna do? We aren't gonna do anything. You're gonna stay right here where it's safe. Like hell! I'm coming with you! Zoe, I don't have time to argue! Which is why I'm gonna win. Okay. You stay by my side, you don't leave my sight, not for a second, you got it? Yeah. Let's go. Hey, we need help. Nice to see you, too, Marshal. Nasty out there, huh? I think I can fix it. But I can't do it alone. How can I help? Actually, you can't, but I'm hoping he can. All right, this has gone on long enough. He just needs more time. Yeah, like 15 years and a college degree. He's just a kid, for crying out loud. Just give him a chance. Allison, maybe he's right. We all know Kevin has special talents, but this is just too much, especially under these conditions. Yeah. Yeah, it's not working. There you go, buddy. Give that a try. What are you doing? Nothing. It's all him. Got it. Let me in here. He got it! He got it. Well, I'll be damned. Henry, let's get to work. Easy on that. Oh, man. Man, this thing is cold. Easy. Henry, remember Groom Lake? Yeah, but this time you're sober. Well Almost there. That should be it. Lock it in. Okay, people, it's now or never. Nonessentials, clear out. BRIGGS: Everybody, get out of here! Let's go! This way, let's go! Great work, kid! All right, on my count, here we go. One, two, three, now! Ring one! Sir, it's been an honor working with you. You too, Bud. Now! Ring two. Oh, man. Dad, I'm scared. I know. There goes nothing! On my count! One, two, three. Now! Henry, wait, do I need goggles? No. Walter. Walter, you son of a BRIGGS: So, what about the machine? We'll take it back to the lab for analysis. And then? Then we'll lock it away in a very safe place. I hope so. 'Cause I don't like this town. I think it's a powder keg. And I think you people get off on playing with matches. I'll tell you what, this country safe was developed here. So, when you're ready to give that up, you just let me know. You were lucky this time, but I'll be watching. You lied to me. Allison, Allison, it's not that simple. The chip Walter had was stolen from Section Five, and you knew it. You put everyone's lives at risk. I don't know how he got that chip, Allison, but I promise you I had no knowledge of it. For your sake, Warren, I hope not. Trouble in paradise? Fargo They're ready for you. Stay! Sorry, sir. Come on, we did this an hour ago. Just do it, do it. You touched my eye. Let's go. You got serious power issues, man. What a jerk. Space shuttles? Uh-huh. Turn her over. No, no, no, remote. Thanks. Try to keep her on the ground. No, no, really. Yeah. Nice. Now remember what I said. Games are okay, just don't play by their rules. Ready to go? I am. You know, she's really very insightful. Yeah, she should write a book. Jo, thanks for everything. Tell the Sheriff I'm sorry we missed him. Tell him yourself. You're leaving us so soon, Marshal? Good to see you up and about, Sheriff. Should you be up and about? No, but don't tell the doctors. I owe you big, Marshal. No, I was just doing my job. No, you were doing my job. And you did it well, I might add. Thanks. So, is this Henry? Yeah, Henry. Bye. Bye. Yeah. The man does good work. Try to keep it on the ground. Yeah, you, too. Adiós, Zoe. Bye, Sheriff. See you later. So what do you think? I think I'd like it better in black. You know what I mean. We could do worse. You know, Zoe, it was wrong for me to leave you like that. I know it was rough, and that I wasn't always available. So Are you apologizing? Well, no! Yes, you are! No! You are. You're totally apologizing to me. All right, yeah. Yeah, I am sorry. Now, is there something you wanna say to me? Nope. Oh, you're definitely my kid. You do realize that's what got us in this mess in the first place? What's that? You not keeping your eyes on the road. What were you looking at, anyway? Nothing. Nothing at all. I still can't believe it. So you had no idea Walter was involved in some kind of corporate espionage? No, none. Except Except what? Well, there were phone calls. Sometimes late at night. From whom? Walter wouldn't say. But I could tell that he was frightened. I think he must have been working with someone else. Here. Drink this. It'll make you feel better. Thanks. You're so sweet. So, have you told anyone else about this? Mmm. No, but I will. Oh, Susan, you have no idea how sorry I am to hear that. It took us a long time to find the right candidate. Even longer for him to gain access to Section Five. Walter was doing so well, and now we'll have to start all over again. I was so hoping you and I might become friends. Jo? It's Beverly. I'm over at the Perkins' house. Susan's committed suicide. Yeah. Okay. Carter, these are Special Agents Hicks and Miller, Department of Defense. Look, is this is about that thing I signed, I didn't tell anyone. Actually, we're here on behalf of the Major. He was very impressed. You mean Colonel Colonel Briggs. No, Major William Cobb, Army Intelligence. He said you two worked together recently. Oh, you mean the Sheriff? With his recommendation, your security classification and pay level will increase, effective immediately. Marshal. Sir. I don't understand. Relax, Carter. It's a promotion. Congratulations. Define promotion. Yeah. Okay. Not the promotion you were hoping for. No big deal. You can do this, Jack. Make it happen. Jo, call Henry.