Pierre Fargo
Family Reunion
Pierre Fargo on right
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Occupation Scientist (Retired)
Status Alive
Spouse(s) Belle St. John
Children Thomas Fargo
Appearances "Family Reunion"
Performer Tygh Runyan

Pierre Fargo was a researcher at Global Dynamics in the 50's and the grandfather of Douglas Fargo. His research was in cellular reconstruction and cryogenics. He disappeared in 1957, leaving behind a letter of resignation and a pregnant girlfriend (Belle St. John).

In 2007 Global Dynamics was replacing outdated cryogenics equipment and discovered Pierre in one of the chambers. It turns out he had been drugged by his friend Charlie (who was also in love with Belle) and placed in the chamber. While he was frozen his lab tech - Andre Sandrov - passed off Pierre's research as his own, winning a Nobel Prize in the process.

Shortly after being unfrozen, Pierre's age began to catch up with him and he nearly died in the process. With the help of Sheriff Carter, Fargo, and Nathan Stark he confronted Sandrov and finally received credit for his scientific breakthroughs. Carter was also able to prove that it was Charlie who attacked Pierre and forged his resignation letter. He was eventually reunited with Belle and the cryogenics lab was renamed in his honor.

In the Season 4 timeline, Isaac Parrish makes an offhand remark that Douglas Fargo received preferential treatment because of his relation to Pierre. This may suggest that in this timeline, Pierre's achievements had never been credited to anyone else.

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