Zane in petrotech

Zane wearing his jacket, made of PetroTech.

PetroTech is an insulating material used in all the buildings in Eureka.

Have An Ice DayEdit

PetroTech was first mentioned in "Have An Ice Day", where it plays a big part in that episode's problem. It is primarily a building insulater, the most effective ever created. It protects all of Eureka's buildings from uncomfortably cold temperature fluctuations. 

Zane Donovan wears a thin blue jacket and hat throughout most of the episode, which is made of PetroTech. While extremely expensive to manufacture as clothing, it works well and Zane doesn't seem to be cold. 

Unfortunately, due to the nature of how PetroTech works, it caused ice crystals to grow throughout GD and inside of Zane with the help of uncovered ice-growing spores from the largest ice core ever recovered. The problem was solved with a fungicide, and PetroTech continued to be used to insulate the buildings. No further problems with PetroTech arose, nor was it mentioned again.