Larry Haberman
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Occupation Researcher
Status Alive
Appearances Larry Haberman - List of Appearances
Performer Christopher Jacot

Larry Haberman is, initially, a rival of Douglas Fargo. He is often seen eating, regardless of circumstances.

In the new timeline created in Season Four, Larry is Fargo's administrative assistant.

He is 25 as of Season 3, Episode 1, according to M.A.R.T.H.A.

It is common for people to respond to his weird comments by saying, "Shut up, Larry!" , a riposte uttered even by Fargo's car, Tabitha, in S 3 Ep 13.

Also in S 3 Ep 13, when Larry thinks Fargo's car, Tabitha, is going to kill him, he screams that he doesn't want to die a virgin, implying that he is one. It is unclear if this holds true in the alternate timeline.

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