Julia Golden
Julia Golden
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Occupation Researcher/Programmer
Status Alive
Spouse(s) An Astronaut
Appearances "Your Face or Mine", "What Goes Around, Comes Around"
Performer Leela Savasta

Julia Golden was a researcher at Global Dynamics. She had a crush on Douglas Fargo and eventually resorted to extreme measures to attract his attention. Using her background in genetics, she was able to alter her form and her DNA in order to appear as Deputy Jo Lupo (whom she had previously described as "perfect"), thinking that it would help her win Fargo's affection. After her deception was discovered she was allowed to remain at Global Dynamics - albeit on probation ("Your Face or Mine"). Later in Season 3 she and Fargo are still dating ("What Goes Around, Comes Around").

In the new Season 4 timeline Fargo and Julia have never met. In the episode A New World Fargo tells Jo that "she works for Google, she's like a gazillionaire, and she's married to an astronaut.". Later, Fargo tells Claudia Donovan in the Warehouse 13 crossover episode "13.1" that his girlfriend from before "doesn't exist anymore," presumably referring to Julia.


  • In the tie-in novel Brain Box Blues (which takes place before the timeline shift) Julia appears several times researching remote viewing.