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Jenna Stark
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive
Parents Allison Blake (mother)
Nathan Stark (father; deceased)
Jack Carter (step-father)
Appearances Jenna Stark - List of Appearances
Performer Nevaeh Kidd

Jordenn Thompson (MPC) Ileeya Brown

Jenna Stark is the daughter of Allison Blake and Nathan Stark and step-daughter of Jack Carter. She was born after Nathan was already dead, so she will never meet her father, and was raised by her mother and step-father. She has an older half-brother named Kevin Blake, an older step-sister named Zoe Carter, and a younger half-sibling whom Allison announces she's pregnant with in the series finale, "Just Another Day."

Jenna is doted on by the whole family, and their friends, and has a nanny with a PhD in early childhood development.


Jenna and her brother Kevin.

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