Jason Anderson
Jason Anderson
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Occupation Disgraced Scientist
Status Alive
Spouse(s) Kim Anderson (divorced)
Appearances "Before I Forget"
Performer Andrew Airlie

Jason Anderson is a world-renowned scientist and long time acquaintance of Henry Deacon, Jason was brought to Global Dynamics to help with a personal force-field project. According to Deacon, Jason had more patents than the entire Fortune 500 and universities threw grants at him just to rub up against their blackboards.

As it turned out, Anderson was a fraud. He had in his possession a device (originally developed by Henry) that allowed him to erase short term memory. Jason would wait until someone on his team would have a breakthrough, use his device to erase everyone's memory, then pretend to come up with the breakthrough himself.

When Carter, Lupo, and Deacon exposed his actions he left Global Dynamics in disgrace and his wife - Kim Anderson - left him.