Jack of All Trades
Air date May 14, 2012
Written by Story: Jaime Paglia

Teleplay: Eric Wallace

Directed by Jaime Paglia
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"Jack of All Trades" is the fifth episode of the fifth season of Eureka.


Zane restarts the Computer Matrix Mainframe which created the virtual Eureka in the hopes of recovering some of the corrupted data. The Mainframe begins to search for the people that were plunged into it during Senator Wen's neural experiment. Carter, as the only person who was connected wirelessly, is found and the Computer starts to stimulate his brain - causing him to swap bodies with Astraeus crew members around him. Warren Hughes, the DOD relationship auditor arrives to make sure that those involved in the neural network are ready to return to work. Carter's body swapping lands him in a load of trouble as he is forced to take not only Fargo's rehabilitation test but Zane's as well. Machines malfunction all over GD and the cause is the members of the Astraeus crew. In the end Zane discovers that the Computer Matrix has found one other member of the experiment, Holly. Zane tells Fargo that she may still be alive within the program and Fargo must make a terrible choice between leaving the machine running and trying to save Holly or shutting it down to stop it from destroying the Sheriff's mind. After the Computer Matrix almost kills him, Carter proposes to Allison, telling her that after almost dying he realizes what is truly important and he doesn't want to wait any longer to start building a life with her.


Memorable QuotesEdit

Jack Carter: Ooh steak, this is gonna be a good experiment.

Jack (In Fargo's Body): Is this my joking face?! No! This isn't my face at all!

Zane (In Jack's Body): No, I'm not alright! Look at me! I'm half-scarecrow, half Andy Griffith!

Jack: This day sucks!

Jack (in Allison's body): I'm digging into my own brain. This is *so* not ok!