Jack Carter's Jeep
Jack Carter's Jeep
First Appearance: pilot
Jack Carter's Jeep (supposedly called 'Carl') is a 1994 Jeep Cherokee Sport. It has been destroyed, or otherwise rendered useless on a frequent basis, to the point where Henry Deacon has gotten sick of fixing it (in Up in the Air)

It has ...

1. Crashed into a particle beam weapon (Dr. Nobel)

2. Been hit by a piece of space debris (Duck, Duck Goose)

3. Had its windshield smashed by a golf-club (Maneater)

4. Had its windows blown out by Martha's sonic blast (Bad to the Drone)

5. Had its engine block shot through by a Global Dynamics laser sentry turret. (Phased and Confused)

6. Had its roof scorched by Captain Eureka's rocket-boots (Phased and Confused)

7. Been set aflame when Captain Eureka was attempting to put out a fire (Phased and Confused)

8. Had its tires melted off (Here Come the Suns)

9. Been crushed by runaway gravity-wells (Welcome Back, Carter)

10. Been shot by Tiny's laser (A New World )

11. Been smashed by Tiny (Momstrosity)

12. Been shaken apart by an acoustic oscillator (The Ex-Files)

13. Been hit by a flying car (I'll Be Seeing You)

14. Crashed through an invisible building (I'll Be Seeing You)

15. Floated off into space (Up in the Air)

16. Melted (One Small Step...)

17. Been sucked up into a black hole, then dropped into Lake Archimedes (One Giant Leap...)

18. Blown up by giant Martha (Lost )

19. Sucked underground (Worst Case Scenario )

20. Crashed through a police barricade (Double Take )

21. Been sucked through a wormhole into the Global Dynamics rotunda, then dismantled by GD employees (Just Another Day... )


  • When the vehicle was given sentience, and the ability to speak in Do You See What I See? it blamed him for all of the damage it has endured over the years. (Voiced by Jim Parsons)
  • It also had a KITT style Voicebox and Gadgets in Anime form.

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