Have an Ice Day
Have an Ice Day
Air date September 11, 2009
Written by Charlie Craig & Bruce Miller (teleplay) and Joan B. Weiss & Constance M. Burge (story)
Directed by Joe Morton
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"You Don't Know Jack"
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"What Goes Around, Comes Around"
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"Have an Ice Day" is the seventeenth episode of the third season of Eureka.


Zane and Taggart return with an arctic ice bore, but has time apart damaged Zane's relationship with Jo?


Zane Donovan and Jim Taggart arrive in Eureka along with the longest artic ice core ever recovered, in order to study it. It's been a month since Zane was in Eureka and years since Taggart was. Throughout the episode, ice begins growing very quickly. This is because of fungal spores within the ice core that were released upon being uncovered, and an insulator called PetroTech that insulates all of Eureka's buildings and that Zane used to create his thin and super efficient jacket and hat. After this is discovered, they develop a killer for the fungus that they spread throughout the buildings via the emergency pneumatic vaccum tube communication system that links to all Eurekan buildings


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Memorable QuotesEdit

Taggert: Just like old times, eh?



Henry doesn't appear in this episode, which was directed by Joe Morton.

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