Ex Machina
Air date June 4, 2012
Written by Kira Snyder
Directed by Michael Robison
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"Worst Case Scenario"
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"In Too Deep"
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Season 4

"Ex Machina" is the seventh episode of the fifth season of Eureka.


As Fargo tries to get Holly connected to the real world through an interactive hologram projector, a systemwide error causes a "Level 6 Polymorphic Antivirus Purge" which could delete Holly forever. Holly tries to save herself by running into the computers of GD ending up in a laser. After thinking that they have lost her she writes a message using the laser. Holly is saved and downloaded into Sarah's computer.


Memorable QuotesEdit


  • The Latin means "out of the machine", most often used in the theatrical term "deus ex machina" - "god out of the machine", a sudden and absolute resolution imposed by a higher power.

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