Eureka is a town in Oregon, populated by geniuses. In 1947, Albert Einstein convinced President Truman to found a town that would be a scientific haven where the brightest minds could do research. Dr. Trevor Grant was a co-founder of the town who worked alongside Einstein on some projects, including the Bridge Device. The town was officially established on April 15th, 1950 ("Founder's Day").

Jack Carter finds himself there after he tries to take his daughter back to L.A. The main residents are Douglas Fargo, Henry Deacon, Zane Donovan (after season 2), Jo Lupo, Nathan Stark, Allison Blake, Jim Taggart, and many others. (To see all characters, go to list of characters.) He was formerly a U.S. Marshall, but with the help of the old sheriff, Sheriff Cobb, he was promoted to the town sheriff. Something weird is always happening in Eureka. From psychotic houses to Tachyon Accelerators, there's always something new in Eureka!

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