Christmas time at the H.O.U.S.E. Deck the halls playing

H.O.U.S.E.: Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house – that is through me- not a creature was stirring me, except for Sheriff Carter and Doctor Blake.

CARTER (walking in) – Wow going over board there? Decking the halls here?

BLAKE: I think S.A.R.A.H. Looks beautiful.

S.A.R.A.H. Thank you Dr. Blake. I feel so festive.

BLAKE: Can you hand me that talking teddy bear over there? Jenna is dying for it.

CARTER:Yeah. Wow, Then, Uh—Then You're almost done, right?

BLAKE:Im in the home stretch. Ilets ese, i've stuff the stockings, done the stockings, roasted the chestnuts. And oh man I forgo the silicon air battery.

CARTER:oh now not the Silicon air battery. What are we gonna do without the silicon air valley?

BLAKE: Its the power source for one of Jenna's gifts

CARTER: You're going to get it now?

BLAKE:Trust me, once she opens it, she's gonna to use it right away.

CARTER: Ally, why don't you sit down? Relax. Enjoy the holidays?

BLAKE: Have yo met me before? This is how I enjoy it.

Buttons Carter's shirt”.

Honey this is the one time a year we can make a little magic. And don't think I haven't seen you and Henry conspiring.

CARTER: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Blake laughs

Zoe, Kevin and Jenna walk in”

ZOE: See its just our folks!

KEVIN: Jenna thought she heard Santa Claus.

BLAKE: What are you doing away? Okay Listen. Those gifts are from us, but if you want Santa to bring you presents, you have to go to sleep.

CARTER: Yeah good luck with that.

BLAKE: alright how about we read one more story, the sooner you go to sleep, the sooneryou can wake up.and then we all open our presents together.

CARTER:Say “Yes Mommy”

JENNA: “yes Mommy”

BLAKE:Thats my girl

BLAKE: Thats my girl. Alright baby i'll be right back.

Carter: I gotta check on Andy. Not even a robot should be along on Christmas Eve.

SarahThey all wanted to make the perfect Christmas but this Eureka.

Carter drives away to a part in town to meet up with Deputy ANDY and Vincent.

CARTER:Hey guys. Managed to, uh, sneak away.

ANDY:All Systems ready for Operation Ho Ho Ho. Thats our Code Name for the big christmas morning surprise.

VINCENT: Also I made all th kid's favourites, snickerdoodlges, fudge, fruitcake.

ANDY: Yeah. We're almost set up here. You want a sneak peak?

CARTER: Yeah hit me

Touches button on the box.

Hologram shows up. Then stops.

CARTER: “Thats a peek alright”

Vincent:“Don't worry a few minor adjustments and the wonderland will be up and running again.

CARTER:I hope so. Its my only wish this Christmas

ANDY: I have one too. And I have been such a good boy.

CARTER:Yon't actually belived, actually you do. Of course you do. I just hope that Henry and Fargo have the snow making generator ready.

ANDY:you mean the super photon generator?

CARTER:Sure yeah. Just can't wait to see the faces of the kids when they wake up and the whole town's covered in snow.

ANDY. Its gonna be awesome

(Back at the house, Zoe is reading a book to Jenna) ZOE:He spring to his sleigh, to his taem gave a whitels and they all flew away like the down of a thistle, but I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight, Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night.

JENNA: Lets play:

ZOE: Jenna you have to go to bed

KEVIN: There is no way she is gonna go.

ZOE:Well may be you can help

KEVIN:I don't know. Let her open a present.

ZOE:Plau:yueah like your mom would be okay with that. Thats not hwo your family does Christmas

KEVIN: But Jacfk says you always open on present on Christmas EVE and aren't we a aprt of your family now.

Jenna picks one out

ZOE:Sure.Ooo this loks. Oh my god.


ZOE: Whats it do? Opens and reads the cover

KEVIN:Imagine a journey with turns and tiwsts. Your greatest adventure within exists.

ZOE: You make your own choises, where and when. Create your own holotown. Rady? Begin.

KEVIN. You want to play?


ZOE: There is no battery ehre. Lets go to bed.

KEVIN:OO lets go find it

ZOE: Thanks Kevin.

At the labs

JO: Allison

Allison:Ah you started me.

JO:Oh I wasn't expecting anyone to be here.

Allison:Oh well, I need this for one of Jenna's presents. What are you still doing here?

Jo: I let my team hve the night off.

Allison: You know, you can actiate automatic security protocols. You odn't have to work on Christmas Eve either. You wanna come over?

JO: Oh uh thanks. But im good. I like it like this. Its calm at GD. PDA RINGs. JO:When Will I learn.

In control room

HENRY:System overload: Shut it down

FARGO: Im trying. I've lost contact. There is some sort of interference.

JO:I should have known.

Allison: what is going on?


FARGO: nothing

Allison: Really? Because it loks like our Super-photon generator has gone berserk.

HENRY: Its just a glitch which we can t seem to identify. Now Fargo, you have inspected the generator site and confirmed the connections?

Fargo: I made a list. I checked it twice.

JO:Why are you two messing with this stuff now?

FARGO:Its classified. But no need for panic. I can restore contact from here.

Presses button. Power shuts down ALLISON: You were saying? Fargo:Mmm

Super-photon generator rapidly spins a blue blall. Down in Eureka

CARTER:Hey guys? What is that?

ANDY: Must be the super-photon generator.

VINCENT: Maybe they set it off early.

CARTER: That just means more snow right?

VINCENT:Doesn't look like snow a huge blue wave of energy spreads. CARTER:DEFNITELY NOT SNOW. runs away screaming

Everyone stops

Carter looks at hands and realizes the have changed

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