Vital statistics
Gender Male
Occupation Recycling Majordomo; Superhero
Status Alive
Appearances "Phased and Confused"
Performer Mark Hildreth

Chuck is the majordomo of Eureka's recycling program. His slogan is "Why throw it away when you can Chuck it?"

Chuck also has an alter ego - that of a would-be superhero dubbed "Captain Eureka". As Captain Eureka, he reuses discarded prototypes from Global Dynamics for his heroics, including rocket boots, an artificial blowhole from a robotic whale, and a device that allows the user to phase through solid objects.


Chuck as Captain Eureka

Unfortunately, Captain Eureka is not a very good superhero (Carter actually calls him "Captain Incompetent" at one point). In order to impress Sheriff Carter's sister Lexi, he arranges for things around her to go wrong so that he can swoop in and save the day. As a result, Lexi is almost crushed within her car, a refueling station is destroyed, Jack's jeep is set aflame, he loses a thumb, and he nearly becomes permanently out of phase with the material world.

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