Eureka brain box blues cover
Brain Box Blues
is a tie-in novel written by Cris Ramsay and published by Ace Books in December 2010.


"Even the brightest of Eureka's inhabitants can't read someone else's mind. Then Global Dynamics develops the Brain Box - a device capable of capturing and storing human thoughts. After a government agent is killed in an 'accident,' General Mansfield gives GD the go-ahead to discover what the agent was thinking. But when the Box starts messing with people's minds, Jack will have to keep his thoughts to himself if he plans on saving the townspeople from going out of their heads..."


  • Takes place after Season 3 and before Season 4
  • Includes a sub-plot revolving around remote viewing/influence
  • Lucas plays a significant role in the book
  • Includes appearances by Julia Golden and General Mansfield