Baker Brothers
Baker Brothers
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Occupation Unknown
Status Alive
Appearances Baker Brothers - List of Appearances
Performer Keith Wilson and Bryan Wilson

The Baker Brothers are a unspecified quantity (ten plus) set of clones that live in Eureka.

When Fargo accidentally activated the "Mutually Assured Destruction Device" two of the brothers came up with several theories while talking to Sheriff Carter. Later they asked Deputy Lupo several questions about the devices.

Once when everyone was under the influence of an experimental pollen except Sheriff Carter and Zoe, Vincent put one of them in the hospital over a fight about how the brother liked his food prepared.

They are first seen playing chess in the Pilot episode.


  • In the tie-in novel 'Substitution Method', it is revealed that there are over 10 Baker brothers and they all share the same DNA, which proves the earlier theory that they are clones.
  • You usually only see two of the brothers at a time (most likely because there are only two actors playing them)
  • In 'Substitution Method' it also revealed that they all share a psychic connection. When one is too far away from the others, their connection starts to get 'fuzzy'. When closer, they can tell what the others are feeling and can even send telepathic messages to one another.

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