Abby Carter
Eureka26 0
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Occupation Doctor
Status Alive
Children Zoe Carter (daughter)
Appearances "Unpredictable", "Games People Play"
Performer Olivia d'Abo

Dr. Abby Carter is the ex-wife of Sheriff Jack Carter and the mother of Zoe Carter. She lived in Los Angeles with Zoe until Zoe ran away, ending up in Eureka, living with her father. She then made an agreement with Jack that she would be allowed to live in Eureka for a year and when the year is up, Zoe would have to come back to live with her in L.A.

In the episode, "Unpredictable", Abby came to Eureka on Zoe's birthday coming to take Zoe back to Los Angeles. Jack had hidden this fact from Zoe until he had an argument with Abby about it. After realizing that the town loves Jack and Zoe, she decides that Eureka would be the best place for Zoe to live.

Eureka, OR
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